I'm Roger Kemp.

I conceptualize, design and build
where human and digital device meet.

I guide start-ups from idea, through concept,
to award winning digital designs and experiences.

My work

Over the last 20+ years I've honed my craft by gaining expertise in: Software Design, Software Production, Concept Development, UX Design, UI Design and Spatial Experience Design.

I've worked with ASML, T-Mobile USA, Prologis, UWV, CBS, VDAB, Duux, LUMO Labs, Brainport Development, Tango and others. In 2022 I won an Apple Design Award with Odio in the Innovative App category.

I collaborate with a network of excellent designers, developers and artists. Below you can find the results of some of my efforts over the last two years.


I work with a great group of talented people,
each en expert in their field.

Unbeatable Software
RS Product Studio
Albert van Abbe

Get in touch

I'm always interested in new opportunities to collaborate.

Please let me know if you need help with your software start-up and we'll figure out if I can be of assistance.