Roger Kemp - Digital product designer

Hi, I'm Roger Kemp.

I conceptualize and design,
where human and digital device meet.

I guide clients and teams from idea, through concept, to award winning digital designs and experiences.

My work

I've been honing my craft for over 20 years and I'll gladly share my experience in person over a cup of coffee.

I've worked with, amongst others, Brainport Development, ASML, T-Mobile USA, Prologis, UWV, CBS, VDAB, Duux and Tango.

The last couple of years I've mainly worked on immersive audio visual experiences.

Below you can find the results of some of my efforts over the last two years.

Odio Experience Odio →

My team and I set out to create a unique spatial audio experience when designing and building Odio. Within three months we had a beautiful piece of art in the App Store.

Odio provides a unique listening experience, replacing your noisy and distracting environment with beautiful spatial soundscape compositions.

Odio won a 2022 Apple Design Award in the "Most innovative" category.

Duux Experience Duux →

In three months my team and I designed and built an app to suit Duux' new IoT framework. The Duux app allows you to effortlessly control your indoor climate while providing energy saving insights.

Duux won a 2023 iF Award.

Tango Experience Tango →

My team and I helped Tango release their V1.0 digital product to market on time. You guessed it, again in three months.

Get in touch

I'm always interested in new opportunities to collaborate.

Please let me know if you have an interesting idea or problem in the digital product realm and we'll figure out if I can be of assistance.